Monday, November 29th 2021 - Friday, December 3rd 2021


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Biotechgate Digital Partnering is designed to support the business development of Pharma, Biotech, Medtech and Digital Health companies. Join five days of virtual partnering and establish new global connections thanks to pre-arranged one-on-one Zoom meetings in our Business Forum.


Biotechgate Digital Partnering is focusing on companies developing drugs, diagnostics and medical devices. The main objective of the event is to provide a platform for business development in the field of licensing and collaboration.

Below you find an overview of some of the over 3,500 delegates representing more than 2,700 participating companies that joined the last four Biotechgate Digital Partnering events. Representatives of 14 out of the top 20 big pharma companies were attending, 45% of the participants were Biotech companies. We had participants from over 60 countries with a majority being business development (40%) or CEOs (30%). There were over 4,800 meetings scheduled.


The centerpiece of this conference series are the one-on-one partnering meetings, which make business development extremely efficient. Thanks to participants from all over the world, you can establish contact with the right people and have the virtual meetings arranged by the system.

Our Digital Partnering series is running on the HelloPartnering matchmaking platform. An easy, manageable agenda page that allows you to define your availability in your time zone.

  • Publish your profile and define your interests

  • Find the right attendees by using relevant search filters

  • Use the built in messenger to contact other delegates

  • Attend your pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings via Zoom calls

Privacy at the meeting

We provide a unique session key for each video call meeting. This guarantees that your confidential conversations will not be disturbed by others who may have a meeting after you.

Free registration

To support you in the COVID-19 crisis, we are making this partnering event available for free to companies interested in participating. As a member company of any of our Biotechgate partners, you get free access to the premium version of Biotechgate Digital Partnering. If you are not a member of any of our partners, you still get free access with some limitations and a possibility to upgrade.

FLANDERS.BIO MEMBER BENEFIT members get free access to the premium version of Biotechgate Digital Partnering. Contact us to obtain your promo code.