Tuesday, April 20th 2021 (09:00 - 10:00)


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Cybersecurity is a major concern of many organisations today, and rightly so. The financial and operational costs following a cybersecurity attack can be detrimental to your organisation. Undoubtedly you have already witnessed stories in the press of organisations that were victim of cyberattacks (e.g. ransomware, phishing, confidential data leakage, …) and as a result, suffered giant financial losses, reputational damage and even lost out on opportunities for business acquisitions and growth. Yet many organisations are unaware that the potential costs of a cybersecurity attack greatly exceed the (limited) investment in some basic security controls that could have prevented these risks from materialising.

Another misconception is that organisations that have outsourced their information technology to a (managed) service provider are by default sufficiently covered from a security perspective. Nothing is less true. If you can not answer what actions your provider is taking to make sure that your organisation has its cybersecurity risks covered, then it’s time to get in the driving seat. Always remember that it is your organisation that faces the consequences of a cyberattack, not your IT provider!

Fortunately, beginning of this year, VLAIO has launched an initiative in which all Flemish small to medium-sized enterprises, who want to improve their cybersecurity maturity level, can rely on 45% subsidies.

Interested to gain more insights on how cybersecurity attacks are organised and what you can do to prepare yourself? We are happy to invite you to our 1-hour Cyber Readiness session where we will share more context, attention points and lessons learned from cybersecurity incidents, as well as elaborate on the financial support (subsidies) of the Flemish Government that can help you to improve your cybersecurity posture.

The agenda of the session is as follows:

  • 9h00 - 09h05: Introduction (by Pascal Tops, Bart De Win)

  • 9h05 - 09h30: Real-life security incidents explained and lessons learned (by Cédric Remande)

  • 09h30 - 09h50: Explanation of the VLAIO framework contract for subsidised cybersecurity improvement tracks (by Stef Heylen)

  • 09h50 - 10h00: Questions & answers

We are confident that you will walk away with some new insights on cybersecurity and hope that we may welcome you to our session!

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Lessons learned from incident response

Whenever any of our clients are hit by a cyberattack (e.g. ransomware), our incident response team immediately goes on-site to help contain and eradicate the attack. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s already too late when we come in and recovery is the only option. During this session, we will share some real life examples of what happened at some of our clients, what the impact was on their organisation (and even society as a whole), and the lessons our clients learned the hard way.

VLAIO framework contract for subsidised cybersecurity improvement tracks

In this talk, we provide more information about a recent initiative by VLAIO (Vlaams Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen) that gives Flemish small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) a great amount of subsidies or funds to improve their cybersecurity posture. We will explain the context, the requirements to be eligible for subsidies, and what PwC offers under this framework contract to better equip your organisation against cyberthreats.