Thursday, October 20th 2022


Antwerpen, België



Organised by

Flanders Vaccine



On October 20th 2022 Flanders Vaccine is happy to host its seventh edition of Immunity for Health. This year the theme is “ONE HEALTH: cross pollination between human and veterinary immune interventions“.

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown the impact on global public health, but also the socio-economic impact of an emerging human infectious disease caused by a zoonotic pathogen. Suddenly the world has woken up to the important link between human, animal and environmental health.

Moreover, the animal health industry has for over 50 years used vaccines effectively to prevent the avian coronavirus Infectious Bronchitis Virus (IBV) in poultry, demonstrating the great value of cross-sectoral collaboration and mutual learning between the human and animal health sector.

At Flanders Vaccine we support the “One Health” principle, bridging the veterinary and human medicine. As part of our wider commitment to the One Health approach, we want to encourage and facilitate mutually beneficial collaboration between the two sectors to drive vaccine and immunotherapeutic development and improve human and animal health.

The aim of Immunity for Health 2022 is to stimulate the mutual learning that can take place between professionals working in the field of human and animal health.

We will take a look at successful technologies and advances in veterinary vaccine – and immunotherapy development and identify unique opportunities for applications in the human sector and vice versa. Associated challenges that come along with this transition, such as regulation will also be addressed.

Renowned experts in the field will share their latest scientific data with us! Research groups and SME's will be given the opportunity to share their innovative ideas, technologies or new products with the audience during the pitch sessions.

We are excited to announce the first speakers for Immunity for Health 2022:

👉 Jarne Elleholm, CEO of Stonehaven Incubate – bringing human innovations to animal health, as the Opening Keynote Speaker

👉 Mahesh Kumar, Senior Vice President, Global Biologics R&D at Zoetis Inc. as a speaker of the session “Veterinary vaccines and insights for human applications”

👉 Arno Roos, Veterinary Referral Centre Korte Akkeren, Gouda, The Netherlands, as a speaker in the session ”Immunotherapy in animal and human healthcare”

👉 Federica Cavallo, Professor Immunology, University of Torino, Italy, as a speaker in the session “Immunotherapy in animal and human healthcare”

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