Tuesday, November 16th 2021 (09:00) - Thursday, November 18th 2021 (11:20)


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Solving new wicked societal problems is more than just a company’s mission statement. More and more people feel connected with companies that focus on creating a better world. Interested in discussing how to adapt your innovation organization, your products and the role of technology to tackle these problems? Join the InnoDays on 16, 17 and 18 November, and choose your personal program out of 15 webinars.

15 webinars on innovating the present

Solving new wicked problems

In many areas, we face new wicked societal problems which can only be solved when solutions available in the markets adapt themselves. Hence, new solutions need to meet the new and rapidly evolving trends in sustainability, user experience and digitalization, addressing these societal problems. Do you know how to start innovating the present, instead of innovating the future? In a series of 15 webinar you’ll learn how to tackle the social complexity of wicked problems and create agile innovation methods.

3 days, 15 webinars, select your favorite sessions

Tackling new wicked societal problems is not a one-size-fits-all concept. Different companies need different approaches. To address your specific needs, the InnoDays present 15 webinars in 3 main themes:

  • Tuesday 16 November • MyFutureProduct

    How to develop user-centered, digital & sustainable products

    • 9h00: Agility in innovation to maximize speed

    • 9h30: Edge Computing, AI & IoT enabling truly new applications

    • 9h55: Gear up your products for sustainability

    • 10h25: Design for all senses

    • 10h50: The perfect brew. The perfect serve. The perfect product.

  • Wednesday 17 November • MyTechnology

    How to tackle design challenges for new technology applications

    • 9h00: Robotic innovation, the intersection of our digital & physical realm

    • 9h30: IoT cloud architecture

    • 9h55: High-current battery-powered handheld devices

    • 10h25: Technology building blocks as benefit for agility in development

    • 10h50: Creating true smart homes & appliances powered by edge AI

  • Thursday 18 November • MyInnovationFactory

    How to transform innovation methods to accommodate new challenges & market needs

    • 9h00: CASSINI, European Commission’s new initiative to support innovative entrepreneurs

    • 9h30: Systemic design, a framework for tackling wicked problems

    • 9h55: Improving the adoption & uptake of medical technology innovations

    • 10h25: Efficient proof-of-concept design, approach & considerations

    • 10h50: N=1/R=G The driving formula for collaborative innovation

Discover new insights to innovate the present during the InnoDays on 16, 17 and 18 November. For more information about the sessions, please visit the event page.

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