flanders.health is the business network that aims to bridge technologies for healthcare innovation. This Innovation Company Network (IBN) was set up by flanders.bio, DSP Valley and MedTechFlanders

The business network flanders.health, bridging technologies for healthcare innovation, is an Innovation Company Network (IBN) set up by flanders.bio, DSP Valley and MedTechFlanders. flanders.health’s goal is to support companies active in digital and life sciences, and in medical technologies, in the development of collaborative projects within the healthcare domain. In doing so, we strengthen the unique position Flanders holds today in Health and support its development into the region of the future for the development, testing and validation of healthcare solutions.

Aims & mission

flanders.health aims to support intensive collaborative projects between companies and between companies and research institutes to develop market solutions within the following 3 domains:

  1. Disease prevention;

  2. Personalized Medicine;

  3. Health and recovery at home.

flanders.health offers a community where information is collected and shared on potential future healthcare solutions in different stages of R&D. The community collects as such Flemish as well as international know-how. We organise face to face, interactive events such as matchmakings, pitching sessions, thematic conferences,…. Opportunities are actively identified and companies/research institutes are connected to realise these new business opportunities. flanders.health cultivates these opportunities into multi-disciplinary collaborations. We launch project calls, organise co-creation sessions with multiple stakeholders, develop technology roadmaps, and connect projects with financing. flanders.health consolidates the realisation and further development of these projects by building and sharing a repository of results, create thematic trainings to increase the skills in the community and set-up of new assets such as living labs, large scale demonstrators, pilot lines,...

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