To ensure the health of everyone involved, and to overcome any safety barriers linked to a physical event,'s knowledge for growth conference has been turned into a digital experience.

Do you have a question about your participation? We’re here to help!

  • How do i login to the digital conference?
    First, make sure you have succesfully completed your registration on
    If you have, you will receive an invitation e-mail from with your login. Check your spam folder if you can't find it and consider whitelisting this e-mail address for future updates.
    Haven't received anything? Just go to, enter your e-mail address, create a password and you're in!

  • Do I have to register again for the new date?
    If you already have your ticket, we can reassure you that your ticket will remain valid for the digital conference. However, if you have registered, but not yet payed, your order will be cancelled and you will have to register again.  
    Participants who only registered for the State of the Union will be credited and refunded and will also have to register again.

  • What are the costs to participate?
    Please visit for an overview of all current prices.

  • I paid more than the current prices, (how) can I get a partial refund?
    As a gesture to our audience in these trying times and because certain costs (i.e. catering) are not relevant on a digital event, we’re lowering the price substantially for all participants (click here for more info on pricing).
    If you have payed already, we will automatically credit and refund you for the price difference, no action needed. Costs made for the State of the Union, the conference dinner and the VIP package will be credited and refunded in full. Participants who only registered for the State of the Union will have to register again.

  • I’ve registered to attend the physical event but haven’t yet completed the payment. What should I do?
    Unfortunately we’ll have to cancel your registration, because pricing has changed for the digital event. We kindly ask you to register again via

  • I can’t make it on September 10, (how) can I get a refund?
    For more information on our cancellation policy, please visit

  • Can I pay by bank transfer?
    No. All payments are completed through the electronic payment platform. Once completed, you will automatically receive your invoice and e-ticket by e-mail. We do not accept payment by wire transfer.

  • I've submitted an abstract. Can I still participate with my poster or as a presenter?
    Yes! First of all, your ticket stays valid. Additionally, we created a space on the digital conference platform where all abstracts will be presented and from where visitors will be linked to your digital poster and personal profile. This in addition to
    The awards and presentation session did not make it through the digital transition unfortunately. We'll be in contact with you by e-mail with more practical info.
    Submissions have closed.

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