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Kantify is a startup based in Brussels with the mission to improve human health through Artificial Intelligence. Its core business is to build AI software solutions using state-of-the-art techniques accompanied by many in-house innovations, curated datasets, novel featurization techniques, and optimized infrastructure.


AI-powered drug discovery:

Kantify has developed a unique end-to-end in silico drug discovery solution :

  • to help identify the macromolecule target that is causing the diseases

  • to find novel hits from diverse chemical scaffolds (in silico)

  • to predict promising lead compounds making sure they are both to be effective and not have adverse effects (ex: heart toxicity, liver toxicity, drug-drug interaction, etc.)

  • to reduce clinical trial failure rate by leveraging patient genomic data.

AI-powered clinical diagnostics and laboratory automation

  • to help diagnose endometrial diseases and uterus cancer from tissue images

  • to detect and predict heart failure and arrhythmia from signal data

  • to detect and segment beast cancer using whole-slide images, to perform complete blood-cell count and analysis from blood smear images (including Acute Leukemia detection)

  • to automate spermatozoa motility analysis.

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