Tuesday October 5th 2021



Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), Flanders’ government agency for international business, has launched a new digital platform called Flanders360. The aim? To promote the region’s business and research ecosystem among potential investors, buyers, capital providers, clusters, incubators and talent from around the globe. How? By enabling these international professionals to ‘visit’ the region virtually. The initial focus of Flanders360 is on life sciences & health, literally putting hundreds of industry and research players on the map.

Visualizing a close-knit knowledge and business community

Flanders’ life sciences & health industry is as diverse as it is driven by knowledge and innovation. From ambitious start-ups, scale-ups, established companies and multinationals to top-notch universities, research centers, labs and clusters: numerous R&D and business players come together to form a dense, close-knit community in the region.

To visualize this ecosystem across the entire value chain (from R&D to validation, commercialization and internationalization), FIT decided to develop the digital Flanders360 platform. Here, business professionals, researchers and capital providers from across the world can discover a virtual, interactive map that pinpoints a myriad of life sciences & health players from Flanders, highlighting their assets, advantages and unique selling points.

Inspiring content across the board

In addition to the interactive map, Flanders360 contains insightful videos, company profiles and inspiring stories. It also features 360° tours at leading partners for the life sciences industry. These include logistics hub Brussels Airport and research centers such as imec and VIB. Even more, Flanders360 offers international professionals and investors the opportunity to schedule a remote, guided tour. During these guided e-tours, they can talk directly to FIT experts, from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Much more to come your way

The impressive piece of mapmaking showcased on Flanders360 could not have happened without the pioneering insights of Gerardus Mercator, a 16th-century cartographer from Flanders. The scientist will play a key part in the promotion actions surrounding Flanders360.

But it doesn’t end there. FIT also plans to expand the scope of the Flanders360 platform in the future. Other top industries in the region – such as food, smart logistics, solution-driven engineering & technology and sustainable resources, materials & chemistry – will also be put on the virtual map in the coming months and years.