Friday February 18th 2022



Pathomation today announced that Rudy Hovelinck will fill in the new position of Chief Operational Officer. The expansion of the leadership team is necessary to sustain the growth of Pathomation and to keep pace with the fast adoption of digital pathology. Rudy brings 25 years of experience in pathology automation and has a track record of successful business development roles at Ventana Medical systems, Roche diagnostics and AstraZeneca. In his role as COO Rudy Hovelinck will lead all daily operations, his main goal will be to introduce Pathomation to all labs aspiring to adopt Digital Pathology solutions.

Rudy Hovelinck stated ‘I have always been fascinated by the ability to visualise a biomarker in the context of histology. My first steps in science were to develop staining techniques for mRNA and fluorescent immunodetection. It has been fascinating to witness the evolution from time-consuming manual techniques in a few specialised labs to reliable automated techniques available to the global community. This great progress was shaped by the interaction of visionary pathologists and a keen industry, an exciting mix I found at the basis of Pathomation, with an ambitious team of pathologists and software experts.’

‘Today we are at a turning point in the history of Digital Pathology: the impact of Covid meant that the many advantages were discovered and embraced by a large proportion of pathologists. At the same time the current digital pathology solutions are held to more scrutiny and people are now looking for more performant solutions. Pathomation is uniquely positioned to deliver digital pathology to the lab community, we do not propose a one size fits all solution. Our philosophy is to work with customer needs and find ways to integrate digital pathology in their familiar software environment.’

About Pathomation:

Pathomation was founded in Belgium in 2012 and develops digital pathology solutions for a diverse clientele ranging from pharmaceutical industry, biotech, CROs, academic teaching facilities and diagnostic pathology labs. Managing whole slide images is the core business of Pathomation and the ‘PMA’ software solutions support over 30 different proprietary file formats. PMA.core is a commercial tile server product, PMA.start is a free version used at 450+ sites each month. The company is organized around a virtual global team of collaborators offering around the clock global assistance. Visit us at