Wednesday October 13th 2021



On October 13th, we celebrate our birthday at VIB. For 25 years, VIB scientists have been unraveling the mysteries of life. VIB's top research has put our region on the map globally. With our discoveries, we contribute to society today and in the future. A quarter of a century of VIB research has yielded impressive applications, from a new colon cancer test to a COVID-19 candidate drug, from biological crop protection products to new beer flavors. 

World-class research 

Twenty-five years ago, VIB's adventure started with a bold idea: to unite the top academic labs for life sciences in Flanders in one institute that combines outstanding research with valorization. This idea fitted in with the strategic mission of the Flemish government to invest in biotechnology as a spearhead sector for Flanders.

Creating added value for society is only possible if you can build on excellent basic research. This has been our motto since day one. Based on a solid partnership with the five Flemish universities, our research groups are continuously pushing the boundaries in different life sciences domains. VIB scientists have enabled breakthroughs in Alzheimer's disease research, understanding tumor growth and metastasis, growing climate-resistant crops, and untangling the complex relationship between our health and our gut flora. 

A driving force for economic growth 

In addition to groundbreaking basic research, VIB distinguishes itself by proactively translating the discoveries of its researchers into valuable applications for people and society. For this purpose, VIB researchers can count on our expert teams to get all the support they need. From patent application to spin-off creation, from access to new technologies to support of interdisciplinary research. Over the years, our discoveries have formed the basis for no less than 30 spin-offs, and we have started more than 1,500 collaborations with companies. With results.  

Meanwhile, VIB science provides innovative solutions to patients, farmers, and consumers. An economic impact study calculated that for every euro of core funding that the Flemish government invests in VIB, the institute generates an economic contribution of more than 11 euros. Talk about a good investment for Flanders! 

VIB's COVID-19 antibodies in the hospital 

Over the past eighteen months, VIB research has contributed to the fight against the corona pandemic. Our scientists developed antibody-based COVID-19 drugs, which are being tested today in hospitalized patients. 

From science to society and back. That's VIB. On to the next 25 years. 

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