Associate Assay Development Manager Histopathology





Associate Assay Development Manager Histopathology

As a global Research Organization in the biopharmaceutical industry, CellCarta (formerly Caprion – HistoGeneX) provides access to a broad offering of biomarker platforms and services. We partner with our clients to address the most complex scientific testing needs, delivering customized biomarker testing solutions to further support the limitless potential of precision medicine.

We offer our services on a global scale through our laboratories in the USA, Canada, Belgium, China and Australia. Combining expertise in histopathology, immune monitoring, proteomics, genomics and sample logistics, we support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the research and development of innovative new medicines for the treatment of cancer and immune diseases. Working under stringent quality and regulatory requirements, we strive to make a difference in the future treatment options offered to patients.

CellCarta leverages its strong expertise in cancer to support the entire spectrum of biomarker services including biomarker discovery in the research phase, tumor profiling and biomarker monitoring in clinical studies and companion diagnostics registration studies, patient diagnostics and development of new techniques and tests for tumor analysis and prediction of treatment response. The company bridges the gap between research, clinical studies and diagnostics.

We are currently recruiting an Associate Assay Development Manager

Department: Assay Development, Histopathology

Based in: Wilrijk, Antwerp (Belgium)

Major responsibilities

The assay development unit is responsible for the optimization and validation of high-quality (single and multiplex) IHC, RISH, FISH assays for use in clinical trials. You will support the assay development team in during all stages of the development and validation process. This will entail:

  • Assist the assay development manager with the design, scheduling and status follow-up of the development and validation experiments.

  • Performing routine data analysis through the various phases of development under supervision of assay development manager.

  • Reporting data for presentation and/or documentation in a ready format to the assay development manager.

  • Communicating with internal stakeholders to update the progress of the assay development, to elucidate problems and discuss the options to deliver high-quality assays within the set timelines.


Professional Bachelor (Medical, Pharmaceutical or Biomedical laboratory technologies, Biochemistry), or Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Life Science (preferably Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Bioengineering, Pharmaceutical sciences, Biochemistry).

Job-Related competences

  • Profound knowledge of immunohistochemistry and other related techniques and/or histo-pathology is preferred.

  • Solid basis in histology/histopathology and/or microscopy is an asset

  • Strong computer skills and significant experience with Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and Word are required.

  • Experience with image analysis software (Visiopharm, HALO, …) and digital imaging is a plus.

Personal competences

  • Advanced command of the English language and outstanding writing and communication skills.

  • Ability to rapidly learn and apply knowledge in previously unfamiliar areas.

  • You are highly organized, and able to manage and prioritize multiple projects.

  • Methodically, meticulously and demonstrate quality of work including accuracy, timeliness, professionalism and thoroughness.

  • Analytical, problem solving and result-oriented mind

  • You are social, diplomatic, a team player and a strong communicator

We offer an exciting and challenging full-time position in a multinational environment where customer focus and innovation are key business values. You will join a global CRO where your expertise matters and contributions can be felt. You will receive thorough on-the-job training.

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