HR and Executive assistance manager



NA NA Ghent Belgium

Function type

HR and backoffice management


The company:

The company offers genomic and transcriptomic services, performed in an ISO accredited lab, to support research, clinical trials and personalized medicine. Their customers rely on their expertise in RNA biomarker discovery, development and validation, their pioneering role in liquid biopsies and non-coding RNA, and their experience with clinical trials to accelerate the development of their diagnostics and therapeutics. Their service portfolio is built on state-of-the-art technologies such as RNA sequencing, high-throughput qPCR and digital PCR, all combined with advanced data analysis methods.

Job description:

The company has taken up the role of Covid 19-testing reference lab, as part of the federal framework consortium COVID- testing, being one of the federal testing labs in Belgium. Therefore, they are on the lookout for an 'HR and executive assistance responsible'. This for the Covid-Dx group as well as for the CRO-biomarker group, from an operational, people and quality perspective. 

As an HR responsible, you will lead human resources operations in the company, overviewing the internal projects for both units (Covid-Dx and CRO biomarker discovery services).

  • You will set up a strong resource attraction strategy, retention strategy and career development plan.

  • You will execute all practical actions with regard to HR management such as:

    • managing contracts and job descriptions;

    • organising on boarding process;

    • setting up and maintaining the strategy for remuneration purposes and for reporting to management and subsidy authorities;

    • analysing team and individual performances and making recommendations;

    • instructing and communicating with the Social-Accounting secretariat, with interim offices and with consultant firms;

  • As a result of the fast growing status of the company, you will need to support the company in adapting its documentation and internal/public processes to the applicable legal and social-economical frameworks.

  • You are able to understand team dynamics, by looking to the individual staff members and to the team performances. This way, you support line managers and the overall management in steering the human capital to a balanced and fair operational performance.

  • You are responsible for planning and organization of the human resources, ad hoc problem solving, implementation of solutions and decision making:

    • You manage the internal HR projects from A to Z, respecting quality management system and social regulations.

    • You translate certain strategic objectives defined by the CEO into an HR policy.

    • You are a key person in all hiring processes taking place.

    • You ensure proper recordkeeping during all aspects of your activities and guarantee complete traceability- GDPR- by making adequate and timely registrations.

    • You report to the CEO of the company.

As executive assistance manager, you are the confidant of the CEO.

  • You support the CEO in the preparation, organization and registration of board meetings.

  • You are in charge of the office and facility management, leading by example.

  • You have a very hands-on and can-do mentality, making sure all daily operations run smoothly in the daily work flow.

  • You are familiar with administrative tasks.

  • You are responsible for internal and external communication.

  • You are the contact person for all internal employees.

Requested competences and skills:

  • A bachelor or a master degree.

  • More than 5 years of experience in human resources tasks.

  • People-oriented, strong in communication, in Dutch and English.

  • Experience in a growing, technology-driven company is required.

  • A good understanding of a biotech- medical device -pharma organization is a plus.

  • You have experience in guiding individuals and teams in stressful and high performing environments.

  • You are able to work according to quality standards, follow and lead by example by applying the internal procedures, with assistance of the quality department.

  • Excellent people assessment skills, able to inspire and motivate people under stress, having a high impact factor. Motivating people working in shifts.

  • Proven planning, organizational and problem-solving skills.

  • Able to handle multiple projects and changing priorities.

  • Constructive mindset, you are a team player, helping teams to overcome roadblocks constructively.

  • Driven, energetic, autonomous and proactive.

  • Preferably Dutch as mother tongue, fluent in English (writing and speaking).

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