Postdoctoral Researcher - Biochemist/Structural Biologist



Gaston Geenslann 1, Leuven, Belgium


About Pledge Therapeutics

Pledge is an exciting new company launched by experienced scientists and successful biotech veteran entrepreneurs. We are developing multiple, first-in-class, small molecule medicines against challenging drug targets across a wide range of disease areas that include viral and immune diseases.

Our efforts have given rise to a constellation of exciting discoveries, spanning early drug hits to preclinical candidates. Our success is based on the rapid translation of clinical and disease insights into target identification and development of novel drug molecules. 

At the core of our effort is the integration of structural and biophysical knowledge of disease targets to accelerate the pace and success of drug development. We pride ourselves on working with the brightest researchers, partnering with leading drug development teams across the globe to realize our mission of improving the lives of patients.


Job Description: Postdoctoral Researcher - Biochemist/Structural Biologist

We seek an enthusiastic, driven, and creative scientist capable of solving the challenges associated with drug discovery. The successful candidate will work with an international and multidisciplinary team of scientists engaging different research arms of the company including protein production, assay development and structural Biology for drug screening. 

The ideal candidate will have exceptional communication skills, superior technical skills, and exemplary attention to detail. This position will have the opportunity to become part of a dynamic, interdisciplinary R&D team and make significant scientific contributions to numerous drug discovery projects. There will be substantial opportunities to grow within the company.



  • Perform the expression and purification of protein targets of therapeutic interest necessary for drug discovery campaigns

  • Develop assays for high-throughput screening campaigns

  • Assist in protein crystallography, including initial screening, crystal quality optimization, data collection, and structure determination 

  • Collaborate with biologists, biophysicists, biochemists, structural biologists, and medicinal chemists to develop comprehensive approaches to ensure target viability and address specific project needs

  • Maintain excellent records of experiments and create SOPs

  • Actively participates in group meetings to expose ongoing research and develop action plans

  • Supervision of technicians and junior team members

Education and Experience:

  • Recent or expected PhD in Biochemistry, Structural Biology or related field with a strong publication record

  • Experience in all aspects of recombinant protein production, from construct design to purification and QC. 

  • Experience with multiple expressions hosts a benefit

  • Preference will be given to candidates that have demonstrable experience in enzymology and/or macromolecular crystallization techniques

  • A diverse scientific training and deep research knowledge are critical to this position  

  • Organized with a strong work ethic and the ability to juggle different tasks, and projects and move them according to strict timelines

  • Able to work in a team and willing to present data to our international partners

  • Fluent in English 


If you are ready to contribute to innovative research projects and be part of a growing company that is tackling some of the most pressing healthcare issues in modern medicine, please send us your CV and cover letter to 


Job Type: Full-time, EU work permit, Equal Opportunity Employment

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