Process Development Engineer DSP



Agoralaan Abis Diepenbeek Belgium

Function type

Full time


We are simAbs

SIMABS is a start-up biotechnology venture that is developing a new bio-manufacturing platform to provide cost effective therapeutic monoclonal antibodies at small scale to biopharmaceutical companies. This technology will enable personalized medicine to become an affordable reality.

Our values are KISS: Keep It Simple & Smart, Innovate the process and last but not least, Enjoy the flow.

Be part of our mission from the start and set the new standard in biopharmaceutical manufacturing technology that enables personalized medicine to become a reality.



Job content

Develop an innovative and cost effective production platform for mammalian single use cell culture and purification



  • Process design, focusing on cost, equipment and time, and testing of all DSP unit operations

  • Perform hands-on execution of all aspects of protein purification, to develop scalable and robust upstream processes.

  • Prepare reagents, components, media, buffers and other solutions.

  • Procure equipment and raw materials/consumables, and maintain inventory to ensure smooth operation.

  • Perform analytical methods to monitor productivity, purity, and quality.

  • Support downstream process development activities including technology development, buffer development, and process optimization studies, in close collaboration with our university partners

  • Interpret data and deliver technical reports in a timely manner.

  • Identify technical and scientific issues and implement creative solutions.

  • Ensure high quality documentation.

  • Responsible for intellectual property and patents

  • Follow up on the latest scientific insights in your field of expertise and thus become our DSP SME

  • Present results and reports at relevant conferences.

  • Engage in a broad range of activities in order to grow simAbs into a strong and reliable partner for future clients





Master Degree or phd in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science, Bio Engineering

Relevant working experience



Technical skills:

  • Protein purification

  • Column chromatography

  • Filtration

  • Viral inactivation and removal

  • Tangential flow filtration

  • Process characterization

  • Single use bioprocessing

  • Continuous bioprocessing

  • Technical writing

  • Presentation skills

  • Intellectual property


Optional competences:

  • CMC

  • Qualification protocols

  • DoE

  • Mammalian Cell culture (fed batch/perfusion; adherent/suspension)

  • Formulation and dispensing


3.3 Soft skills:

  • Entrepreneurial with strong intrinsic motivation

  • Hands on, well organized and result oriented team player

  • Enjoying the start-up flow of our organization

  • Strong and honest communicator

  • Flexible both in content as in time

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