Research Associate – Molecular Engineering



Technologiepark 94, Zwijnaarde, 9052, Ghent

Function type



  • You will design and execute innovative cloning strategies of single genes (GPCRs and VHHs) for optimal expression and implement these strategies corporately
  • You will design and clone combinatorial antibody (VHH) libraries for multiple downstream applications such as improved VHH repertoire display, affinity maturation and others
  • You will establish SOPs and train stakeholders accordingly
  • You will assist in managing Confo Therapeutics’ construct inventory (antibodies and GPCR expression cassettes) in CLC Main Workbench and align with the Laboratory Information Management System
  • You will assist in the implementation and management of Confo Therapeutics’ VHH sequence repository
  • You proactively scout and troubleshoot cross-department molecular engineering problems and communicate progress to the stakeholders and project teams

Job application