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Akkodis is a worldwide leader in Smart Industry, with over 50.000 experts delivering consultancy services and solutions in more than 30 countries. In Belgium, almost 1.000 scientific, engineering and digital experts come together to form the country’s biggest and most qualitative consultancy and solutions player, focusing on innovative technologies in key industries such as Automotive, Energy, Digital and many more. Among these key industries, Life Sciences is the most significant one for Akkodis Belgium. Thanks to our experts, Akkodis has proven to be the ideal partner, guaranteeing clients’ success by delivering projects and expertise in medical & scientific writing, grants consultancy, multi-stakeholder management, post-marketing studies, quality and validation, biostatistics, data management and end-to-end project management in R&D, Supply Chain and Regulatory. Moreover, our Academy allows us to support our clients in additional ways by re- and upskilling their own internal collaborators, or our own Akkodis colleagues, in any necessary skills or fields.

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    Thursday March 16th 2023

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    Thursday March 16th 2023

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