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at.las (Leveraging Affordable Solutions for Advanced Therapies), is a network helping ATMP developers (both academic and other) in an early phase of their commercialization process in order to successfully bring their therapies to patients. at.las is “the” point-of-contact where ATMP developers can find support with regard to their specific needs and where they can connect with other stakeholders in the ATMP field to share knowledge, collaborate and co-create, pushing innovation and bringing new ATMPs to the market in a timely, safe and affordable way.

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  • Triple discovery unveils insights into type 2 diabetes

    Thursday September 28th 2023

  • SwiftPharma and Medace sign strategic collaboration agreement for biomanufacturing and purification of promising medicinal proteins.

    Wednesday September 27th 2023

  • Mithra Announces Presentation of Positive Data on Estetrol (E4) Native Estrogen

    Wednesday September 27th 2023