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Bio Base Europe is the first open innovation and education center for the biobased economy in Europe, consisting of a Bioprocess Pilot Plant in Ghent and a Training Facility in Terneuzen. The pilot plant in Ghent aids its customers (Spin-off companies, research institutes, SMEs and multinationals) in the scale up of bioprocesses such as pretreatment of biomass, biocatalysis, fermentation, green chemistry and downstream purification.

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  • Bimekizumab Phase 3 data in hidradenitis suppurativa show clinically meaningful, deep and maintained response over 48 weeks

    Monday March 20th 2023

  • VIB launches Data Core to support life sciences research

    Thursday March 16th 2023

  • Aitia and UCB announce strategic drug discovery collaboration in Huntington's Disease

    Thursday March 16th 2023

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