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IQVIA Biotech integrates clinical and commercial expertise and services to deliver flexible solutions tailored specifically for small biotech and biopharma companies. From initial planning to trial design and implementation to market launch and commercialization, IQVIA Biotech incorporates unparalleled real world evidence resources, advanced analytics and transformative technologies to drive efficiencies and innovation. 

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IQVIA Biotech delivers clinical and commercial solutions designed specifically to help biotech companies succeed. We are inspired by you, your ambition and dedication to finding innovative ways to get treatments to patients, and the courage it takes to forge a new path forward.

IQVIA Biotech can help pave a path forward with customized, integrated solutions across the drug development and commercialization lifecycle — from designing asset plans through product trials, launch and growth. By combining advanced analytics, real world data and leading-edge technology, we help you attain success by demonstrating asset value to a wide variety of stakeholders – from investors to regulatory agencies, payers, and providers.

With decades of experience working with biotech companies, we understand the unique challenges, hurdles and opportunities you face. Our team is dedicated to removing the complexities in your way.

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