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Nuclivision is a medical software company that wants to make nuclear imaging safer and more accessible. For our first product, we are developing an AI-solution that allows hospitals and research centers to perform PET-scans with less radiotracer and/or a shorter scan time. Nuclivision's technology results in significantly less radioactive exposure for the patient, while also reducing the costs for a nuclear department.

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  • HERAN Partners co-leads the GBP 6,5m financing round of Hypervision Surgical to support the further development and commercial roll-out of their Hyperspectral Imaging platform

    Tuesday June 6th 2023

  • ANeuroTech receives IND approval from the FDA for pivotal Phase IIIB trial of adjunctive anti-depression drug, ANT-01

    Monday June 5th 2023

  • Biotalys continues to demonstrate strength of first biocontrol in latest global field trials

    Friday June 2nd 2023