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Our web platform, HakoBio, leverages 3D Digital Twin and intuitive visual experiences at every step of a bioproduction facility lifecycle to simplify teams' access to data and information in real-time. HakoBio main solutions and their benefits:

  • Simulate your process to avoid construction errors and optimize the layout.

  • Augment your operators with immersive learning experiences to reduce human errors.

  • Centralize data within a single visual platform to simplify access to information.

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    Thursday September 28th 2023

  • SwiftPharma and Medace sign strategic collaboration agreement for biomanufacturing and purification of promising medicinal proteins.

    Wednesday September 27th 2023

  • Mithra Announces Presentation of Positive Data on Estetrol (E4) Native Estrogen

    Wednesday September 27th 2023