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Paleo researches and develops new functional ingredients to improve plant-based meat and fish alternatives. Through precision fermentation, Paleo produces specific meat and fish proteins which are 100% bio-identical to animal proteins and 100% GMO-free

Our primary focus is on myoglobin, a heme protein present in animal muscle tissue. Adding myoglobin makes plant-based foods look and taste more like ‘real’ meat or fish (color, smell, taste, aromatic experience) and provides added nutritional value (essential nutrients).

Precision fermentation is a proven, innovative technology that uses micro-organisms, such as yeasts, that are programmed to produce selected target proteins. This technology is versatile, scalable, and already used in many industries such as the production of pharmaceuticals (e.g. insulin).

Compared to the conventional farming of animals, precision fermentation has a significantly lower environmental impact (lower greenhouse gas emissions, less land use, less water consumption) and offers benefits for public health (containing no antibiotics or hormones).

Paleo contributes to global food security and reduces the negative impact of the conventional production of animal proteins on animal welfare, the environment, biodiversity, and human health.

By focusing on sustainability, health and food security, Paleo contributes directly or indirectly to the realization of at least 11 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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