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PUXANO is a platform-based CRO providing services within the domain of protein design and structure-based protein research.

We combine structure-guided and AI-based protein design with high-throughput experimental validation from protein expression to protein purification and biophysical characterization, including high resolution protein structure determination using cryoEM.

Services include:

- Protein design and engineering

- Protein production

- Protein interaction studies

- Protein structure determination using cryoEM

- Structure-based epitope Mapping using cryoEM

- Nanoparticle chacterization using cryoEM: LNPs, VLPs, etc.

Key research domains are protein therapeutics, vaccine development and protein-targeted/based crop protection and biostimulants. We hereby serve customers worldwide (EU, US and Asia).

Latest news

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  • New software from UHasselt and ZEISS shows in sharp detail how biomolecules move in cells.

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  • Galapagos presents encouraging new data for CD19 CAR-T candidate GLPG5101 in non-Hodgkin lymphoma at EHA 2024

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