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Rejuvenate Biomed

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Rejuvenate Biomed is a Belgian based biomedical company engaged in developing prescription drugs in healthy ageing.
By applying the progress made in geroscience (biology of aging) we identify and develop (up to POC) safe and well tolerated drugs that balance core biological processes associated with age-related functional decline.

Latest news

  • New software from UHasselt and ZEISS shows in sharp detail how biomolecules move in cells.

    21 hours ago

  • Galapagos presents encouraging new data for CD19 CAR-T candidate GLPG5101 in non-Hodgkin lymphoma at EHA 2024

    22 hours ago

  • VIB-KU Leuven study reveals FUS protein’s role in ALS and FTD

    Friday June 14th 2024