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At Scilife, we help people and companies transform quality into a catalyst for value creation, making Smart Quality a culture and infusing it throughout the entire organization. This recasts quality as a competitive advantage instead of a simple regulatory requirement. But, what embeds quality into a company’s culture? And how, exactly, does an organization benefit as a result? These questions are at the core of Scilife. The Scilife Smart Quality Platform brings clarity to quality and compliance by combining powerful quality management tools with advanced data analytics, augmented learning, and gamification. Hundreds of leading life sciences companies worldwide like Novartis, Biocartis, Yusen Logistics, Polpharma, Pendulum, and many more trust Scilife to manage their quality processes, empower employees to take quality ownership, enhance efficiency and transparency, and reduce compliance risk. The impact? Improving patients’ lives. With Scilife, organizations reduced their total cost of quality assurance by up to 50% and accelerated their time to market by as much as 30%.

Latest news

  • SANTERO announces a €8 million Series A funding round led by Newton Biocapital to develop novel antibiotics in the fight against antimicrobial resistance

    15 hours ago

  • HERAN Partners co-leads the GBP 6,5m financing round of Hypervision Surgical to support the further development and commercial roll-out of their Hyperspectral Imaging platform

    Tuesday June 6th 2023

  • ANeuroTech receives IND approval from the FDA for pivotal Phase IIIB trial of adjunctive anti-depression drug, ANT-01

    Monday June 5th 2023