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SVR-ARCHITECTS NV was established in 1972 and provides design services for a wide variety of sectors.
With a team of 31 employees, we design new build and remodelling projects with thought leadership in health care and laboratory design. Our laboratory services range from programming user requirements to developing detailed design, supporting our clients in all phases to deliver an inspirational and efficient research environment.

Our expertise:

We design laboratories for industry (life sciences, pharma, consumer goods, construction materials,...), universities and government departments as well as other special facilities such as pilot plants, storage facilities, animal housing facilities, environmentally - controlled rooms, clean rooms, cGMP environments, waste rooms, labs for sophisticated equipment, lab media distribution systems and many others.

Currently, we are designing research facilities for the universities KULeuven (Bioscience and Bio-Accelerator IV-V) and UGent (CAPTURE and research facilities for the faculty of Bioscience Engineering), investors such as  OBELISC (bio accelerator), Biovest, the University Hospital of Antwerp and for national and international companies such as P&G, ETEX and BASF (Antwerp).

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