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Free half-day IP strategy meeting, 20% reduction on 2nd opinion for IP matters, free IP scan

Gevers is a market leader in Belgium for intellectual property services. We have specialized experts in all technical fields, including a specialized team in Life Sciences, Chemistry and Biotechnology. As a strategic partner of, we provide three special offers for members: (1) A free 1.5h IP scan, (2) 20% reduction for a second opinion, and (3) A free half-day IP strategy meeting for new members.

1. Free IP scan

During a 1.5h meeting, we will discuss and evaluate the current IP rights of your company, such as trademarks, patents, trade secrets, Our IP expert will highlight the strengths, but also pinpoint any weaknesses or gaps that may exist. We will provide recommendations aimed at enhancing your IP position. These recommendations could include strategies to strengthen existing IP protection, suggestions for acquiring new patents or trademarks to fill gaps, and advice on how to improve the balance between your IP budget and portfolio strength.

2. 20% reduction for a second opinion

Would you like to have an independent second opinion or a fresh view on an IP-related matter by one of our IP experts?

  • Do you want to have a sense of the chance of success to challenge a competitor's patent or trademark?

  • Is the examination of your patent application proceedings too slow?

  • Do you want an additional prior art search?

  • Are you unsure whether or not to appeal a decision of an IP office or court?

  • Would you like an independent review of an IP agreement before signing?

  • Do you have a feeling that an opposition is not going in the right direction?

Please reach out to us and we will perform a review and provide you with our opinion. You will receive a 20% reduction on Gevers' fees. The discount can be applied for one project per year and two projects in total.

3. Free IP strategy meeting

In order to boost the IP strategy of young Biotech companies at a time when resources may be limited, we provide a half-day IP strategy meeting for free to new members. We will provide a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the intellectual property (IP) strategy and the current IP portfolio. During a collaborative half-day session, our IP expert will thoroughly review patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and other intellectual assets. The meeting aims to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within the existing IP framework, ensuring a holistic understanding of your company's intellectual property position.

In addition to the examination of the IP portfolio, the meeting delves into the overarching IP strategy of the entity. This includes considerations such as the identification and management of patentable innovations, alignment with business and investment goals, competitive positioning, and risk management. Recommendations are formulated to optimize the overall IP strategy, encompassing aspects like filing new patents, choosing between patents and trade secrets, fortifying the existing protection, and navigating potential infringement risks.

This offer is exclusive to new members that qualify as an SME. If you are an SME and wish to benefit, please reach out to us within the first year of membership and mention the promo code.

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