Tuesday November 17th 2020



AbolerIS Pharma, a pre-clinical stage biotech company specialized in the development of innovative immuno-modulators for the treatment of transplant rejection, graft-versus-host-disease and auto-immune diseases announced the successful completion of a seed financing round of €2.5 million ($2.9M) from an investment consortium comprised of Turenne Santé/Sham Innovation Santé and Newton Biocapital. The funding will help develop technologies that preserve and stimulate regulatory T cells and control/eliminate effector T cells responsible of these diseases of the immune system.

“We thank Turenne Santé/Sham Innovation Santé and Newton Biocapital for their trust. This investment will help us to consolidate our products and reach Phase I clinical stage with the company’s first program to deplete effector T cells using a proprietary anti-CD45RC antibody. The funding will also help to consolidate our second program with the cytokine IL-34” said Carole Guillonneau, co-founder of AbolerIS Pharma.

“AbolerIS Pharma brings translational public research to generate new treatments for patients with unmet clinical needs in pathologies mediated by the immune system. We aim to inhibit pathogenic immune responses in more subtle and specific ways than the existing one to ameliorate the health of patients. We also aim to do this through the creation of value and scientific knowledge by a talented team of people”, said Ignacio Anegon, co-founder of AbolerIS Pharma.

About AbolerIS Pharma

Founded in November 2019 by Dr. Carole Guillonneau (Director of Research CNRS) and Dr. Ignacio Anegon (Director of Research INSERM), researchers in INSERM Unit 1064-CRTI located at the Nantes University Hospital in Nantes, together with Dr. François-Xavier Hubert (MD, PhD). AbolerIS Pharma is developing two innovative strategies to finely regulate the immune system: an anti-CD45RC monoclonal antibody and the cytokine IL-34.

In 2019, AbolerIS Pharma received non-dilutive pre-seed funding of € 80,000 via the Béatrice Denys Foundation, as the 2019 Laureate. Supported financially and operationally run by Turenne Santé, the Foundation for Therapeutic Innovation Béatrice Denys rewards every year a scientific project with great potential to enable it to move from the laboratory to the start-up.

AbolerIS Pharma received a pre-seed maturation funding from SATT Ouest-Valorisation and was incubated by Atlanpole Biotherapies, the regional competitiveness cluster.

For more information: www.aboleris-pharma.com

About Turenne/Sham Innovation Santé

Created in May 2014, Sham Innovation Santé is an investment structure specializing in health innovation capital and is controlled and owned by Sham, a mutual insurance company specializing in the risk management of health, social and medical players. Sham is the leading French player in medical

civil liability. Advised by Turenne Santé (Health Center of Turenne Group), Sham Innovation Santé's mission is to support the growth and development phases of innovative companies in the health sector.

For more information: www.sham.fr / www.turennecapital.com

About Newton Biocapital

Newton Biocapital is a Venture Capital Fund incorporated in Belgium, focused on financing biotech and life science projects in the "core of Europe" (B, NL, D, F) and Japan for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. www.newtonbiocapital.com