Tuesday July 27th 2021



Today is the inauguration of Allegro’s new state-of-the-art laboratory at Bluechem, Antwerp (Belgium). Bluechem is Flanders’s most recent answer to innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

The Antwerp-based incubator aims to allow sustainable innovations in chemistry to grow to an industrial scale, by offering the right infrastructure, network and services.

The match with Allegro is therefore obvious. The life sciences company develops sustainable nanoscale compounds for the regeneration of human tissue. Their first product is a biocompatible scaffold for the meniscal cartilage.

Allegro was founded earlier this year under the leadership of Jorg Schelfhout, who, with his years of experience in the biomedical sector, focuses on the opportunities in the medical world for us: “We also see a clear evolution within biotech and medtech towards both sustainable materials and are biocompatible. This has great advantages in minimizing side effects and maximizing the success of the therapy. ”

Bluechem opened its doors in May last year as a result of the collaboration between the City of Antwerp, the European Regional Development Fund and the Flemish Government. Allegro is a biotech company that focuses on regenerative biotechnology, developing and commercializing innovative nanotechnology for this purpose.