Monday March 27th 2023


BIO INX, a leading manufacturer of high-resolution materials for bioprinting, announces the launch of its latest product, Hydrotech INX N200. The revolutionary new resin is the world's first hydrogel resin for Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP) that enables macroscale 3D printing (i.e. up to a few mm’s) by taking advantage of Nanoscribe’s patented Dip-in Laser Lithography (DiLL) technology. It is an addition to the company's existing high-resolution portfolio and has been optimized for printing with Nanoscribe systems, including the Photonic Professional GT2 and Quantum X bio.

Hydrotech INX N200 has ISO-10993-5 certified biocompatibility, making it an ideal choice for various biomedical applications. The resin is bio inert, liquid, and water-soluble, enabling straightforward introduction into microfluidic chips. It is flexible and robust, which makes it perfect for organ-on-chip applications where no cell attachment is required, while still allowing for diffusion. Moreover, the biocompatibility of the material makes it ideal for the generation of combination structures composed out of multiple materials and living cells.

The organ-on-chip technology allows for improved potential for drug screening and drug development as it allows testing of new components in animal-free settings directly on human cells.

1 kit of Hydrotech INX N200 contains 4 ml of resin suitable for around 10 - 40 prints, depending on the size of the construct.

“Here, two-photon lithography can drastically increase the reliability and performance of the concept as it can provide the architectural complexity of natural tissues. However, to achieve this, biocompatible materials like HYDROTECH INX N200 are key!” - Agnes Dobos, application specialist at BIO INX.

Different microstructures printed directly inside a microfluidic chip for drug discovery applications.

The new material takes the capability of Two-Photon Polymerization bioprinting further as it enables the generation of macroscale structures for the first time in flexible biocompatible hydrogels. This breakthrough enables the fabrication of intricate and complex structures that were previously impossible to create. The resin is the first of BIO INX's range of DiLL compatible resins, with more coming to market soon.

"We are thrilled to introduce Hydrotech INX N200, the world's first two-photon lithography resin enabling macroscale printing. This material represents a significant advancement in bioprinting technology and opens up exciting possibilities for organ-on-chip applications," said Jasper Van Hoorick, CEO of BIO INX. "We are confident that this new material will revolutionize the field of bioprinting and contribute to advancing healthcare worldwide."