Friday February 19th 2021


BioLizard, a bioinformatics and AI solutions company, announced the launch of BioReflect, a flexible literature search platform for biosciences. Using BioReflect, researchers are able to conduct a complete literature search to find the publications most relevant to their research faster than using traditional search tools. After uploading a list of genes and/or proteins of interest, results are provided in an at-a-glance global overview, using topic-based clustering and including the integration of human disease annotations.

BioReflect uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and dimension reduction techniques to group publications by their content. This automated clustering provides researchers with immediate insight into the content of thousands of publications and helps them select the most interesting ones, allowing extrapolation to new hypotheses.

“Conventional literature searches are long, laborious and frustrating exercises. Even then, the results are often not complete, meaning additional work is needed to obtain all information on a new gene or protein,” said Dr. Liesbeth Ceelen, general manager of BioLizard.

Dr. Alexander Koch, the main developer of BioReflect, added “With BioReflect, researchers are able to quickly find all relevant information on one or more genes, clustered by content, it’s Google for biotech! We believe this tool will save time and resources in the everyday workflow for scientists.”

About BioLizard

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