Friday September 11th 2020



Biotalys NV, a transformative food and crop protection company, announced that it won the “Crop Protection Solution of the Year” and the “Overall Food Quality Solution of the Year” awards in the inaugural AgTech Breakthrough Awards program.

Biotalys’ protein-based biocontrols offer novel modes of action to help farmers protect yields and drastically reduce food waste by both preventing crop loss and extending post-harvest protection with sustainable and safe products. The company’s lead biofungicide, BioFun-1, has demonstrated competitive and consistent protection against key fungal pests in a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops compared to commercial chemicals, outperforming biologicals in large field trials in the Unites States and Europe. BioFun-1 provides growers with comparable yield of premium crop quality, responding to the demand of the food supply chain and consumers for longer shelf life and substantially lower chemical residues.

Patrice Sellès, CEO of Biotalys, commented, “We are honored to be selected as the winner of two AgTech Breakthrough Awards, clearly recognizing the potential of our unique protein-based biocontrol solutions to transform crop protection and the food supply chain. It is fantastic recognition for the tremendous work done by our teams to take our innovations from the lab to the fields, and soon to growers, as we build our commercial organization to support our planned U.S. market launch in 2022.”

AgTech Breakthrough is part of the Tech Breakthrough organization, which aims to research, analyze and highlight the leaders and innovators in the world’s most competitive technology sectors today. This year’s AgTech awards program attracted over 1,250 nominations from all over the world.

About Biotalys

Biotalys is a rapidly growing and transformative food and crop protection company developing a new generation of protein-based biocontrol solutions, shaping the future of sustainable and safe food supply. Based on its groundbreaking technology platform, Biotalys has developed a broad pipeline of effective and safe products that address key crop pests and diseases across the whole value chain, from soil to plate. Combining the high-performance characteristics and consistency of chemicals with the clean safety profile of biologicals, Biotalys provides ideal crop protection agents for both pre- and post-harvest applications. Biotalys’ lead biofungicide, BioFun-1, has demonstrated consistent, high efficacy against major pests, such as Botrytis cinerea and powdery mildew, in a global fruit and vegetables field trial. The Company is on track to submit the registration dossiers later in 2020 and expects to launch BioFun-1 in the U.S. in 2022, followed by global market introductions.

Biotalys was founded in 2013 as a spin-off from the VIB (Flanders Institute for Biotechnology) and has raised €61 million ($66 million) to date from specialist international investors. The Company is based in the biotech cluster in Ghent, Belgium. More information can be found on