Tuesday June 15th 2021



Biotalys NV (“Biotalys” or the “Company”) an Agricultural Technology (AgTech) company focused on addressing food protection challenges with protein-based biocontrol solutions for a more sustainable and safer food supply, announces its intention to raise new funds through an Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) with admission of all its shares on the regulated market of Euronext Brussels (the "Offering"). Prior to the IPO, Federale Participatie- en Investeringsmaatschappij (FPIM) and BNP Paribas Fortis Private Equity Belgium have, subject to certain conditions precedent, pre-committed to purchase an aggregate amount of €10 million of new shares in the IPO, in exchange for guaranteed allocations.

Company Highlights

  • Biotalys’ ambition is to address three core challenges facing global food production today:

    • the 1.6 billion tons of global food lost or wasted every year;

    • the agricultural impact on biodiversity, soil, water and human health;

    • the need for sustainable and safe food production safeguarding our future.

  • Biotalys aims to address these challenges through the development of its product candidates which are designed to be effective, environmentally safer and cleaner protein-based biocontrol solutions.

  • These product candidates have multiple applications aimed at helping growers address major food pests and diseases, more safely and sustainably, providing alternatives to conventional chemical pesticides in an integrated pest management framework and reducing chemical residues on food.

  • The Company’s approach is powered by its AGROBODY Foundry™ platform, a scalable proprietary technology platform offering significant advantages compared to the development of new conventional chemical alternatives, most notably shorter and cheaper product development cycles.

  • A diversified pipeline of seven product candidates in three different indications – biofungicides, bio-insecticides and biobactericides – targeting critical pests and diseases, with a combined potential addressable market of $4.8 billion.

  • First product Evoca™ submitted to the EPA in the U.S. and the EU in December 2020 and March 2021 respectively, is designed to pave both the regulatory and commercial path of future products. A market test launch of Evoca™ in the US and EU, is expected to start in late 2022 and 2024 respectively.

  • Portfolio of 15 families of proprietary patents related to the Company’s AGROBODY™ technology and product pipeline.

  • Actively pursuing selective partnerships with food and agricultural players in search of innovative and differentiated solutions, expanding the potential, scope and value of the AGROBODY Foundry™ platform.

  • Experienced management team with strong track record in the AgTech and biotech industries, backed by renowned local and international specialist shareholder base.

  • Operations in Belgium and the U.S. with future commercialization plans to occur via distribution agreements, partnerships or on its own in certain markets where strategically valuable.

Patrice Sellès, Chief Executive Officer of Biotalys, commented: “Biotalys is dedicated to transforming conventional farming approaches by creating a new paradigm in food production and protection. Our approach is aligned with the pressing need for a sustainable agriculture and aims to offer a range of protein-based products that are as effective as traditional chemical approaches in an integrated pest management framework, while being safer and more environmentally sustainable. The innovative potential of our platform is highly sought after and with partnerships possible across the full spectrum of the food production industry, Biotalys is strongly positioned to build significant value for its investors, employees and society as a whole.”

AGROBODY Foundry™ platform Highlights

The Company aims to develop products that will help reduce the agricultural environmental footprint, reduce food waste and provide healthier and safer choices for consumers, leveraging the AGROBODY Foundry™ platform:

  • A unique and scalable technology platform that allows the development of AGROBODY™ protein-based biocontrol product candidates to target multiple indications

  • AGROBODY™ biocontrols are based on small proteins obtained by fermentation, inspired by fragments of heavy-chain antibodies found in the Camelidae family. Leveraging decades of scientific progress and proof-of-concept of Camelidae antibody inspired protein technology, as already seen in therapeutic molecules across multiple pharmaceutical applications

  • Offers several distinct advantages over small molecules and microbials, including:

    • targeted approach enhancing specificity

    • broad spectrum of targets and novel modes of action

    • intrinsic safety and biodegradability

    • traceability and quality control

    • scalable industrial manufacturing with flexible fermentation conditions, and

    • ability to combine AGROBODY™ biocontrols with existing farming practices to reduce overall need for chemical products.

Biotalys intends to use the net proceeds of the Offering to:

  • Fund the development of its existing pipeline, including discovery, development, fields trials, manufacturing scale up and regulatory costs;

  • Fund the continued improvement and optimization of its AGROBODY Foundry™ platform and to fund the extension of Biotalys’ pipeline (including potentially through partnered programs);

  • Fund its go-to-market strategy including distribution costs related to setting up a supply chain, warehouse & logistics, costs for distribution via partners, etc. and business development efforts; and

  • General corporate purposes