Thursday April 2nd 2020


Category, the cluster organisation for life sciences and biotech in Flanders is delighted to present its new website.

As you might have noticed the past weeks when checking for the most up-to-date covid-19 related federal and regional measures and initiatives, our website provides you with up-to-date information about the life sciences sector and therefore can be seen as a unique web portal for the biotech and life sciences industry.

Our new website offers you a wide range of advantages:

  1. A summary of upcoming activities, trainings and events in the life sciences sector.

  2. An overview of groundbreaking life sciences news.

  3. An innovative, searchable database of life sciences companies and capital providers, research institutes and service providers who are member of

  4. An overview of the various platforms & projects in which actively participates.

  5. An updated job page with life sciences vacancies.

  6. An updated version of the ‘my’ member center where members can publish their news, vacancies, events and find their event registrations.

Please explore and enjoy the journey!

We value your feedback so don't hesitate to let us know what you think.