Thursday March 31st 2022



Our Brussels based member Kantify has unveiled its new technology for in silico drug discovery, Zeptomics.

Here is what Kantify's partner Xavier Nissan, Team Leader at I-Stem, The French Institute for Stem cell Therapy and Exploration of Monogenic diseases (CECS), disclosed about the impact of the technology:

In a few days, Zeptomics enabled us to find both novel targets and repurposable drugs using this target for one or our rare diseases. These results are really exciting and we are now working on new uses of Zeptomics.

What is Zeptomics

Zeptomics is a novel AI solution that accelerates the discovery of small molecules and targeted protein degraders.

Thanks to a number of proprietary innovations, it can be used on any target, any compound, and can generate reliable results very rapidly.

A unique technology

Zeptomics concentrates a number of AI innovations which makes it a powerful and fast technology.


  • can perform target identification, hit discovery, advanced ADMET prediction and indication discovery.

  • is disease agnostic as it is already used in a variety of therapeutic areas, from neuromuscular diseases to oncology.

  • can generate results very quickly, even for compounds or proteins that are not known, which makes it a useful tool for rare diseases therapy discovery or even to identify off target effects of compounds.

How drug hunters can use Zeptomics

Zeptomics helps drug discovery teams faced to the following challenges:

  • Find novel and selective ligands that are likely safe and effective, across millions of compounds;

  • Find out which compounds of a proprietary library are most valuable and how to use them;

  • Know which existing drugs can be repurposed or repositioned.

Segolene Martin, Kantify's CEO, explains: Zeptomics is a discovery accelerator for drug hunters. We are now starting new collaborations with academia and biotechs willing to master their speed, risks and costs.

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