Monday June 12th 2023



Aphea.Bio is proud to announce that the company’s first commercial product, the innovative biostimulant ΛCTIV by Aphea.Bio® is being launched in Poland! To mark this milestone, Syngenta Polska hosted an exclusive launch event on the 5th of June 2023 to introduce the new biostimulant to a diverse range of stakeholders including industry experts, farmers, and key influencers.

During the event, representatives from Syngenta Polska highlighted the ground-breaking potential of ΛCTIV by Aphea.Bio®, which offers Polish farmers a sustainable and economically viable solution to boost wheat yield and minimise the use of traditional fertilisers.

Regulatory approvals are currently being finalised and the first deliveries of ΛCTIV by Aphea.Bio® are scheduled for August/September 2023, nicely in time for this year’s winter wheat season. Market introductions in additional countries are currently in preparation for 2024, further broadening the availability of innovative & sustainable solutions to farmers in Europe.

Isabel Vercauteren, CEO, and co-founder of Aphea.Bio: “By putting ΛCTIV by Aphea.Bio® in the hands of Polish farmers, we are proud to see our ambition to create a more profitable and sustainable future for European growers become reality. This milestone signifies the tangible progress we have made in bringing transformative impact to European agriculture in partnership with Syngenta Crop Protection. We are excited for what’s on the horizon”

ΛCTIV by Aphea.Bio® is a biostimulant applied as a seed treatment on wheat. Based on beneficial micro-organisms, the biostimulant improves nutrient uptake of crops and increases yields by as much as five percent, even with reduced fertiliser use.

The official launch of ΛCTIV by Aphea.Bio® into the European market shows a significant leap in the shared journey of Aphea.Bio and Syngenta Crop Protection to bring powerful seed treatments to European farmers that will enhance the sustainability, reliability, and profitability of their farming operations.