Wednesday August 19th 2020


Mithra, a company dedicated to Women’s Health, announces the commercial launch of its vaginal contraceptive ring  Myring™ in the Netherlands.

Mithra’s vaginal contraceptive ring will be distributed in the Netherlands by Novalon SA1 . With 315,000 vaginal rings sold per year, the Dutch contraceptive rings market is worth approximately EUR 2.75 million.

Earlier this month, Mithra announced the approval of the extension of the shelf life of Myring™ to 36 months by the European Authorities. The further prolongation of the previously announced shelf life extension from 18 to 24 months, including the removal of the requirement for special temperature storage, offer distributors, pharmacists and patients a more convenient option compared to competitor products.

François Fornieri, CEO Mithra Women’s Health, comments: “We are pleased to include the Netherlands amongst the six countries in which Myring™ is now commercialized. The Netherlands represents the fifth European commercial launch this year, in addition to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Austria, which underlines the efforts we have made in manufacturing and delivery during the unprecedented health crisis.”