Wednesday March 3rd 2021


Mithra, a company dedicated to Women’s Health, announces the commercial launch of its vaginal contraceptive ring Myring™ in Italy.

Italy is the fourth largest worldwide contraceptive rings market in terms of sales value and volume, after the United States, Germany and Spain. With 2 million vaginal rings sold per year, the Italian contraceptive rings market is worth EUR 22 million per year with an average growth of 3% per year. Mithra’s vaginal contraceptive ring will be distributed in Italy under the brand name Kirkos® by Farmitalia.

In Europe, the extension of the shelf life of Myring™ to 36 months, the removal of the requirement for special temperature storage and the 6-pack format offer distributors, pharmacists and patients a more convenient and economic option compared to competitor products.

Fabio Scaccia, CEO Farmitalia, commented: “The launch of a first class vaginal contraceptive ring gives us a very good chance to establish a fruitful cooperation with Mithra and to strengthen our offer of selected products in Gynaecology where we are among the leader companies into the Italian market. We are excited and fully committed in the launch of Kirkos® and we do strongly believe it will be a great success”.

Leon Van Rompay, CEO Mithra Women’s Health, commented: “ We are pleased to launch our Myring™ in Italy where the vaginal ring is a very popular contraceptive option for women. After the successful launch last year in the first European market, Germany, we are now present on the third largest market in Europe, but also the fourth in the world. In addition to the seven European countries already covered, further commercial launches should follow this year in Europe and the rest of the world. Our Mithra CDMO has managed to maintain its manufacturing forecasts since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis and will continue its dynamics this year in order to meet expected commercial launches.”