Tuesday March 3rd 2020



Pivotal announced today the acquisition of Akcelis BVBA, a leading full-service provider of patient enrollment and retention solutions for clinical trials in the life sciences´ industry.

“This acquisition fits perfectly well with our commitment to bringing innovation to the clinical development process to deliver efficiencies for our clients,” Lidia Farr, VP Corporate Development and Finance at Pivotal, said. “Akcelis will bring advanced, proprietary and analytics-driven technology and services to customize the most efficient and cost-effective approach to significantly improve sites´ selection and patient enrollment and retention strategy for our clients´ clinical trials. As we focus on delivering this value for our customers, we are pleased to welcome our new colleagues to Pivotal to be part of our solution-oriented culture and help advance drug development to improve patients’ lives.”

The acquisition promises to fundamentally redefine the entire patient recruitment lifecycle. United by a common culture, Akcelis brings to Pivotal the right experience to recruit and retain unique patients´ population in hard-to-recruit trials. Patient recruitment is a well-known bottleneck in clinical trials as many Sponsors experience challenges within this across many therapeutic areas.

Providing analytics-driven services to many large and mid-sized pharmaceutical companies, Akcelis manages the entire patient recruitment lifecycle, from recruitment to enrollment to retention. These services utilize innovative, proprietary and highly predictive software´s analytics to customize the most efficient and cost-effective approach to recruiting patients for a customer's clinical trial.

“Pivotal’s expertise in clinical research and  Akcelis’ patient centric approaches to accelerate patient recruitment are the winning combination for scientifically elegant and patient friendly clinical trials,” said Barbara D’haene and Nathalie Niclaus, Akcelis Managing Directors, “We look forward to positively impacting Pivotal’s clinical research excellence by implementing innovative digital patient recruitment strategies”.

Akcelis´ integration will allow Pivotal to increase its services offering and provide its current and future clients with patient recruitment experts who can contribute with their expertise, advice and solid track record to provide quality accelerated patient recruitment strategies across prospective clinical trials.

About Pivotal

Pivotal was founded in 2001 by Dr. Ibrahim Farr on the principle that strategic medical advice and support should be the backbone of all clinical trials. To date, we are the trusted adviser and counsellor for many companies to deliver maximum value in their drug and medical devices´ development programs. We are a leading privately held European CRO and, since inception, we have experienced a fast and steady organic growth in Europe.

Pivotal´s clients’ portfolio spans major pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical device and nutrition companies, as well as independent investigators and cooperative groups. We have long-standing relations with over 200 clients. Pivotal has extensive experience across major therapeutic areas and phases I to IV. Our highly customized teams bring to each client a combination of broad industry knowledge and operational excellence, to offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business´ insights. Additionally, we have built a strong oncology, innovative therapies, rare diseases and early phases hub that enables us to tackle our customers most difficult challenges, turning recommendations into concrete actions. By remaining true to our core principles and values, our vision is to become our client’s preferred outsourcing solution partner.

For more information, please visit www.pivotal.es

About Akcelis

Akcelis was founded in 2015 in Belgium by Barbara D’haene and Nathalie Niclaus, with the aim to accelerate and support clinical research by offering innovative patient recruitment strategies and high-quality communication services. Akcelis became a key player for patient recruitment across Europe, responding to the high demands of 'patient empowerment' with efficient direct-to-patient communication strategies. Overall, Akcelis has supported many pharmaceutical, biotechs and medical devices´ companies over the past 5 years in several therapeutic areas. Experienced patient recruitment specialists, online tools, and proven processes speed up starting or ongoing trials across multiple therapeutic areas. The reliable and multilingual patient facing C-Lys platform plays a key role to reach out to patients.

For more information, please visit www.akcelis.com