Wednesday March 22nd 2023


Sequana Medical NV (Euronext Brussels: SEQUA) (the "Company" or "Sequana Medical"), a pioneer in the treatment of fluid overload in liver disease, heart failure and cancer, today announces further strengthening of the intellectual property portfolio for its DSR (Direct Sodium Removal) program. A key composition of matter patent was allowed in China and an additional patent on the method of operation was granted in the US.

Chinese patent application number 201880045801.6 was allowed on 7 March 2023. This key patent entitled “Direct sodium removal method, solution and apparatus to reduce fluid overload in heart failure patients” has already been granted in the US and Europe and is pending in other regions such as Australia, Canada and Japan. It protects the use of a sodium-free or low-sodium infusate that is administered into a patient’s peritoneal cavity to directly remove sodium, and thereby fluid from the body to alleviate fluid overload in heart failure patients with residual renal function.

US patent number 11,602,583 B2 was granted on 14 March 2023 and covers the expansion of the method of operation for Sequana Medical’s DSR therapy using an implantable pump system. While the Company’s current focus is on Short Term DSR therapy using a peritoneal catheter, the additional US patent granted gives further flexibility to use implantable pump systems, such as its alfapump®, to provide patients with long-term support.

To date, Sequana Medical has filed 16 patents for its DSR program of which 6 have been granted, covering a broad range of aspects, both for the method of operation and composition of matter.

Ian Crosbie, Chief Executive Officer of Sequana Medical, commented: “As the evidence for DSR’s disease-modifying effect in heart failure grows, we continue to build a strong patent portfolio for our DSR program and the patent allowed in China is an important international reinforcement of that. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of healthcare burden in China with 4.5 million people suffering from heart failure. (1) The Chinese market offers huge potential for DSR where we believe it represents a compelling treatment option in this large and growing heart failure market.
Following the long-lasting clinical benefits observed in our RED DESERT and SAHARA proof-of-concept studies, we are focusing on Short Term DSR therapy using a peritoneal catheter. Use of DSR therapy with
an implantable pump system such as our alfapump could be of great relevance in particular populations of congestive heart failure patients requiring regular DSR therapy. Today’s announcement gives this approach further strong patent protection.”