Friday May 24th 2024


Today the Waste2Func project releases an original out-of-the-box video. The consortium has heard and seen that it is often difficult for the broader public to understand the importance of bioeconomy for the future. With this video it wants to strengthen the bioeconomy narrative in general while explaining the project: converting food waste into molecules to make cleaning agents, personal care products or packaging and this at industrial scale! Watch and witness: also our children believe in a bright new future where bioeconomy plays an important role. The video is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian. All versions can be found on the YouTube Channel of Waste2Func coordinator Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant.

The main goal of the CBE-JU funded Waste2Func project is to produce biosurfactants and lactic acid from food waste. Currently, food waste flows, such as supermarket waste, fruit and vegetables that don’t meet the standards or bad batches from food processing companies that no longer can be sold, often don’t have a potential end-use route. Consequently, they just rot on the field, are discarded or even incinerated, which leads to unnecessary CO2 emissions.

These emissions can be avoided by using these streams to convert them in to high-value products. Start-ups AmphiStar and TripleW developed technologies to convert mixed batches of food waste into functional ingredients, more specific microbial biosurfactants and lactic acid respectively, that can be used for the production of bioplastics and personal- and home care applications. Their molecules could already be found in a “limited edition “too good to waste” home care box” produced and marketed by Ecover, for part in the framework of this project. TripleW is currently looking into formulating their lactic acid in plastic applications and more applications of both the biosurfactants and lactic acid are in the pipeline.

Furthermore the conversion technologies were demonstrated at large scale by the Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, resulting in a launch plant for the production of biobased surfactants by AmphiStar and a production plant for lactic acid by TripleW, both to be built in 2025.

A logistic platform to collect the agricultural and food waste is being set-up as we speak by ECOSON Recycling (part of Darling Ingredients Belgium) .

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