• Newly discovered protein blocks sleeping sickness

    Wednesday February 28th 2024

  • VUB research team discovers essential protein that contributes to liver fibrosis

    Friday February 23rd 2024

  • Rejuvenate Biomed’s clinical trial demonstrates the therapeutic potential of RJx-01 in sarcopenia

    Wednesday February 21st 2024

  • Climate change contributes to rise of West Nile virus in Europe

    Wednesday February 14th 2024

  • VUB professor discovers genetic cause of low birth weight among children conceived after fertility treatment

    Friday February 9th 2024

  • A new toolbox allows engineering genomes without CRISPR

    Thursday February 8th 2024

  • Belgian researchers provide a strong boost to sustainable agriculture

    Thursday February 1st 2024

  • Fruit flies provide insights into the hidden world of sleep

    Tuesday January 23rd 2024

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  • QbD Chair for Precision Oncology Research in Glioblastoma extended for three years

    Wednesday January 17th 2024

  • KU Leuven researchers discover how to break the negative feedback loop to improve cancer immunotherapy

    Tuesday January 16th 2024

  • Researchers map cell composition of metastatic melanoma and identify cause of immunotherapy resistance

    Tuesday January 9th 2024

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