• New study discovers how neurons die in Alzheimer’s disease

    Friday September 15th 2023

  • Augustine Therapeutics expands its leadership team and R&D platform, enters regulatory development

    Tuesday September 12th 2023

  • SwiftPharma and the Population Council Pursue Agreement to Manufacture Griffithsin Needed for the Development of a Fast-Dissolving Insert for Protection Against HIV

    Friday September 8th 2023

  • SwiftPharma and AntoXa Corporation sign exclusive collaboration agreement to support the development and commercialization of a plant-made antibody against ricin exposure

    Friday September 1st 2023

  • Belgians send miniature heart into space for ageing research

    Wednesday August 30th 2023

  • ViroVet achieves groundbreaking results with antiviral drug against BVD

    Monday August 28th 2023

  • VIB research tackles the bottleneck of time-resolved Cryo-EM

    Friday August 18th 2023

  • SwiftPharma and ONO Exponential Farming join forces in an exclusive strategic alliance to develop a circular biomanufacturing platform based on plant molecular farming

    Wednesday August 9th 2023

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  • Rejuvenate Biomed announces publication of data showing that RJx-01 significantly increases muscle mass, muscle strength and physical performance in sarcopenia mouse models

    Wednesday August 9th 2023

  • VIB researchers uncover key genetic pathway in leaf development

    Tuesday July 4th 2023

  • KU Leuven research generates new insights into the development of and care for 'the little brain' of the gut

    Monday July 3rd 2023

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