• Biocartis announces publication of large multi-center comparison study with Idylla™ MSI Assay showing very low failure rates and excellent concordance with reference methods

    Tuesday November 17th 2020

  • Pathomation announces the availability of PMA.slidebox, a first-of-a-kind solution to publish your digital pathology images and whole slide images online

    Thursday November 5th 2020

  • Galapagos showcases Toledo program

    Wednesday October 28th 2020

  • GSK meets Belgian Universities

    Tuesday October 27th 2020

  • New players at the synapse

    Friday October 16th 2020

  • Surface Measurement Systems wins pioneering award for the invention of Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) instrument

    Friday September 11th 2020

  • Obesity affects the immune cells in the liver

    Monday September 7th 2020

  • Inflammation sets off sensory alarms

    Monday September 7th 2020

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  • BioLizard awarded €300,000 VLAIO research grant to establish causal link between the microbiome and disease

    Monday August 17th 2020

  • Becoming a nerve cell: timing is of the essence

    Monday August 17th 2020

  • A regulatory network driving heterogeneity in melanoma cells

    Tuesday August 4th 2020

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