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Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Antwerpen, Belgium

Function type

iPSC technologist


Peripheral Neuropathy Research Group: We are a multidisciplinary team focusing on the identification and characterisation of mutations associated with hereditary neuropathies of the peripheral nervous system. We employ molecular genetics and cell biology tools to understand disease mechanisms and develop therapeutic strategies. In this context, we aim to fine-tune and further optimize an induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) neuronal phenotyping platform to apply therapeutic compounds relevant for neuromuscular disease. The effect of therapeutic molecules are monitored with different assays, including: fluorescence microscopy, imaging and metabolic analyses. The technologist will optimize assays and report to the team, industrial and academic partners.

We are part of the University of Antwerp research excellence center OEC ╬╝NEURO allowing access to on-site facilities with expertise in e.g. neuroscience, imaging, microscopy, bio-informatics and omics technologies (https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/research-groups/muneuro/). We also belong to the iMARK valorisation consortium of the same university, which is a network for image-based biomarker discovery and evaluation.

Job description:

  • A challenging venture involving optimization of a 2D & 3D Organoid iPSC phenotyping platform.

  • State-of-the-art research in a rapidly advancing technology within molecular cell biology and neuroscience.

  • In-house training in developing and culturing iPSC lines for neuromuscular complexes.

  • Potential participation in a spin-off company based on the developed technology.

Profile and requirements:

  • You must hold an Academic Master recognized by the EU in one of these disciplines: biochemistry, biology, bioengineering, biomedical or pharmaceutical sciences.

  • Prior expertise in establishing and maintenance of cell cultures, microscopy and bioinformatics.

  • Strong motivation in applied research.

  • Excellent verbal and written English and Dutch communication skills (bilingual preferred).

  • Flexibility and team spirit in a national, international research and industrial environment.

  • Good Laboratory Management practice.

Type of contract:

  • Supported on a proof-of-concept project at the University of Antwerp.

  • The initial contract (AAP or ATP) will be 6 months, starting from February 2022, and can be prolonged upon positive evaluation and progress.

How to apply:

A motivation letter and CV should be submitted via email to vincent.timmerman@uantwerpen.be before 15th December 2021. A preselection will be made based on the motivations and CVs received. Selected candidates will be invited for interview and will be informed about the remainder of the selection procedure. More details on the specific project can be obtained by contacting: Prof. Dr. Vincent Timmerman, PhD

Peripheral Neuropathy Research Group, https://uantwerpen.vib.be/group/VincentTimmerman

Campus CDE, Universiteitsplein 1, 2610 Antwerpen, Belgium

Tel: +32-3-265.10.24, E-mail: vincent.timmerman@uantwerpen.be

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