Tuesday, February 7th 2023


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Start the digitalization of your existing bioprocessing assets


As is true for most industries, digital transformation is no longer a buzzword, but a strategic imperative for life sciences companies. While first movers would likely gain a competitive advantage, all of today’s companies risk falling behind their competitors in delivering across all elements of the value chain if their strategies are limited to a few pilots and experiments. Digital transformation is a journey and should enable your strategic objectives and help you to execute it efficiently, engage effectively with your eco-system and innovate.

Join this workshop to get answers to these questions:

  • What are the digital market trends in biopharma companies?

  • What could be the key digital use cases of your digital journey?

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn market trends of your industry regarding digital transformation

  • Share an overview of valuable use cases to achieve your strategic objectives

  • Share and discuss challenges that a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) could address through one specific example (context, objectives, results & lessons learned)

  • Share and discuss solutions used to manage and optimize energy consumption through one specific example (context, objectives, results & lessons learned)


Sophie Hoste - Consulting Partner at Deloitte
Ward Maertens - Senior Manager | Supply Chain & Network Operations at Deloitte
Fabian Camacho Loyola - Manager | Cloud & Engineering at Deloitte


We hope to see many of you at this session, to discuss the unavoidable need to increase the awareness and support of our ecosytem in its digital evolution.