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Thursday, January 13th 2022 (17:00 - 18:00)



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A crucial part of future integrated and high-throughput sequencing equipment, is the packaging and system-integration. To finalize the flow cell, a cartridge with in- and outlets is fabricated to allow interaction with the outside world. This includes electrical and photonic signals and fluid ins and outs.  

There is not yet a standard sensor/microfluidic/cartridge integration solution available like for semiconductor chips. For each application, a tailored solution can be worked out.  
In this webinar, we will touch upon different packaging solutions, also the more advanced ones that are used in chip manufacturing. Imec, with both R&D, chip manufacturing and packaging capabilities in house, is ideally placed to make such platform choices and to build solutions. Our large toolset of analysis equipment is also an important asset to gain insight into pros and cons of certain material and process parameter choices, thereby removing the risk of incompatibilities at all levels.  
We will discuss die-to-die packaging, wafer-level packaging and the newer fan-out wafer-level packaging technique. All this will be described from a cost and performance point of view, to illustrate its importance for future sequencing solutions.