Tuesday, October 20th 2020 (09:00 - 12:00)


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Join the NeMs4bio workshop to discuss a new standardized platform aiming to simplify the development trajectories for nano-enabled bio-sensor modules by offering a portfolio of standardized microfluidic and -electronic building blocks that allow for engineering on demand into tailored applications.

Participating in this workshop will offer you the possibility to learn about this platform, to provide input to the definition of this platform and to check whether you could even contribute to the development of this platform. In case your company is active or wants to become active in fluid analysis for medical applications then this workshop will certainly be of interest to you.

The objective of the NeMs4Bio workshop is to discuss various concepts for R&D activities in order to develop the NeMs4Bio platform using standardized solutions. During the workshop, several  advantages of the NeMs4Bio platform, such as access to standardized building blocks, cost-efficient and rapid customizations, improved scalability, etc. will be discussed. All participants will be invited to present their organization and relevant initiatives. This will be followed by a brainstorm session where several statements will be presented to the participants:

  1. Why are modules, standards and platforms needed?

  2. What do we want in these “modules”?

  3. Quick and dirty concept generation

  4. Who else do we still need? Which competencies are still missing?

  5. How can we best realize this? What are the pitfalls?

This workshop is organized in collaboration with the European NeMs4Bio project, a demonstration case in the Vanguard initiative on New Nano-Enabled Products. It will take place on  20 October from 09:00 till 12:00.  Because of Covid-19, the workshop will be online.

The number of participants is limited and if needed a selection will be made based on time of registration and relevance for the discussion.

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