Tuesday, September 19th 2023 - Wednesday, September 20th 2023


Leuven, Belgiƫ



Organised by

IABS, Flanders Vaccine & P95



The Role of Real-World Evidence for Regulatory and Public Health Decision Making for Accelerated Vaccine Deployment

Real-world evidence for monitoring the safety and benefits of vaccination has an essential role to play in the accelerated development and deployment of vaccines. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic showed the necessity and feasibility of having new vaccines rapidly available. Despite the tremendous success of having several COVID-19 vaccines authorized less than 12 months after the declaration of the COVID-19 global pandemic, many challenges have been faced in both high and low-and-middle income countries. Capitalizing on the massive efforts spent by all stakeholders, it is timely to learn important lessons for the future on how to best use real-world evidence for regulatory and public health decision-making on vaccines and vaccination programs.

This in-person meeting (Leuven, Belgium) will bring together renowned vaccine experts from national and international public health authorities, regulatory bodies, industry, academia and research organizations for developing recommendations on
the best use of real-world evidence for vaccine decision making and a roadmap to further strengthen its use.


The meeting brings an exciting mix of information sharing and discussion sessions among all key stakeholders from vaccine development till deployment.