Thursday, December 1st 2022 (09:30 - 11:30)


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Verhaert Innovation Academy organizes ‘Towards Innovation Maturity’ webinar to guide companies to innovation excellence.

How do you create and sustain a culture for innovation? And how do you get everyone on board, from executive leaders to your operational staff? The topics that will be covered during this webinar, are applicable for companies with an established and organized innovation mindset, but also for those just starting to set up an innovation culture.

Exceeding innovation maturity, reaching innovation excellence

In today’s innovation landscape there’s a clear need for innovation excellence. Once companies have established an innovation culture, they shouldn’t stop. Organizations need to develop an engine that captures, develops and selects ideas, and scales them around strategic topics. With the Innovation Maturity Model you can valorize the process step-by-step. During the webinar 4 speakers will give more insights on how you can implement this in your overall organization.

Session 1: How do you implement the Innovation Maturity Model?

The Innovation Maturity Model that is used by Verhaert Academy contains 5 different levels. In this session Stijn Smet, Managing Director of Verhaert Innovation Academy, will explain what these levels consist of and how they can be implemented.

Session 2: How to start imagining and shaping a culture for innovation?

Cris Beswick is the author of the book ‘Building a Culture for Innovation’, as well as the speaker of this topic. He’ll discuss the relevance and importance of creating a shared responsibility with HR, middle management and leadership and will talk about where he thinks companies struggle the most when setting up an innovation culture.

Session 3: How to actively work on building innovation capabilities.

In this session, Kathy Yu, Vice President and innovation manager at Swiss RE will be speaking. Kathy will explain the inner workings of Swiss RE’s innovation culture and how the services of Verhaert Academy are used to help in realizing its commitment towards innovation excellence.

Session 4: From idea to sizable business

What are the most common challenges when it comes to concept valorization? How much of the success of innovation is contributable to the leading intrapreneur? To finalize the webinar Frank Mattes, author of ‘Lean Scale-Up’ and ‘Scaling-Up Corporate Startups’, will talk about how to involve operational management when it comes to re-integrating the innovation back into the core business.

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