Wednesday January 19th 2022



Meet our 7 (re)new(ed) strategic partners: BioLizard, QbD, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Select, IQVIA Biotech, PwC and VIB.

We are honoured that BioLizard has engaged in a 3-year strategic partnership with to support the life sciences ecosystem with high-level expertise in bioinformatics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to make the most out of scientific data.

In addition, we thank QbD, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Select, IQVIA Biotech, PwC and VIB for their continued trust in our organisation and are proud to announce that they have all renewed their strategic partnership with for the upcoming 3 years.

Without these partnerships would not be able to provide the services to its members that we believe are necessary to move the life sciences sector forward.

We wish you a wonderful 2022. We are ready for a new year with a bunch of new initiatives that will be launched in the weeks and months to come.

In the meantime, take your agenda, block 18-19 May and come over to Ghent to discuss research and business at knowledge for growth.